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/// Please note that Arena of the Gods is a work in progress and does not fully represent the final version of the game. ///

After dying what his gods deemed to be a dishonorable death, a knight must fight through countless waves of demons to amass glory, escape purgatory and come back to life! Do you have what it takes to earn the salvation of your soul?


Slay demons, gain glory, and save your soul in this difficult, action packed, top down, hack n' slash! Every time you challenge the arena, you receive a random weapon that you've unlocked so far. Defeat enemies to earn glory, and purchase new weapons, each with their own unique abilities, playstyles, and movesets!

Upcoming Features

Broad Goals:

- HUGE arsenal of weapons to unlock, each one having different and unique abilities! (Not all of them are helpful though!)

- Difficult, but rewarding gameplay. Easy to learn, difficult to master.

- 50 grueling waves of gear craving, demon slaying, action packed gameplay.

- Open development! We as a team guarantee that we will be very vocal about upcoming features, bug fixing, suggestions, and answering various questions about development as a whole.

Specific Goals: (In order of importance)

- More Waves

- More Enemies

- More weapons

- Glory Accumulation/Shop System(Glory is earned from defeating enemies and is used as EXP and Currency for unlocking items in the shop.)

- Loading/Saving System

- Stage Hazards

- Options Menu

- Improved Optimization

- Various Sound Improvements

- Various UI Improvements

- Various Graphical Improvements

Our Team

To tell you a little more about us, I'm our artist, David Henry. (22) Almost everything visual from models to UI is made by me and I see myself as the creative heart of our duo. Throughout my life I've always had an intense passion for gaming and the second I loaded up Final Fantasy XII for the first time in my PS2 all those years ago I knew that video games are what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

After growing over the years and teaching myself to model, I met the brilliant coder of our team, Mixtape a.k.a. Marquis Madden (22) in my junior year science class. We hit it off immediately and he became the backbone of this duo as well as one of my closest friends. He grew up playing Halo on his Xbox and always wanted to create compelling and immersive experiences and by teaching himself to code, we became 2 halves of a whole!

We call that whole, Craptop Studios. Nice to meet you!

Patch Notes

- 5/17/2017 - Arena of the Gods v1.0 is now available!

- 5/24/2017 - Arena of the Gods Update v1.1 has been released!

- 5/31/2017 - Arena of the Gods Update v1.2 has been released!

- 8/12/2017 - Arena of the Gods Update v1.3 has been released!

- 3/22/2018 - Arena of the Gods Update v1.4 has been released!

- 4/5/2018 - Arena of the Gods Update v1.5a: Let's settle the score!

Arena of the Gods v1.5a is now live! Here's what we changed in this update:

- The Arena Sees All!
Added current game stats to the pause menu. Said stats track many variables such as, the amount of enemies slain, damage dealt, attack accuracy, rolls performed, damage taken, distance traveled, etc. In future updates, the info menu will also rate your performance in the arena with a grade from D- to S+.

Added custom cursors to the game. The cursors are context sensitive and change when you attack an enemy, and based on what you hover over.
Silver: Base Cursor
Blue: Hovering over the player
Red: Hovering over an enemy/enemy projectile

- Size Matters
Updated Lance/Shortsword hitboxes to be more accurate. Lance hitbox length slightly decreased. Shortsword hitbox is now thiccer than a bowl of oatmeal.

- Smooth As Butter
Demon spawning is more random and enemies dont pop up next to you nearly as much. No more gangs of enemies popping up in your face!

- To Infinity, And Beyond!
The current Horde mode is ACTUALLY endless now. To those of you that actually lived long enough to run out of enemies, I salute you.

- Stop And Go
Fixed a bug where Magic Bridges would not reactivate after time passed, resulting in the player being cut off from said bridge, permanently.

Version 1.5a Hotfix:

- UI AI (cont'd)
Added Cursor to the main/pause menus.

- Chameleon
Blue Caster enemies no longer switch from white to blue after spawning.

- Tis But A Flesh Wound!
Blue Caster enemies now deal the correct amount of damage instead of a miniscule amount.

- Photographic Memory
Video settings are now saved upon leaving the menu and exiting the game.

That's all for now! Have fun, and I'll see you in our next update!

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Published May 17, 2017
StatusIn development
Release date Mar 10, 2018
AuthorCraptop Studios
Made withUnreal Engine
Tags3D, Difficult, Fantasy, Hack and Slash, Medieval, Top-Down, Unreal Engine
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller


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